Configuring the ESM manager settings

The ESM managers that are configured for the site are displayed in the List of configured ESM Managers list box.

To configure the ESM manager settings

  1. In the Component Settings dialog box, click ESM - Manager under the Data Collector Sites option on the left pane of the dialog box.

  2. On the ESM - Manager panel, you can view or provide the following information:

    Site name

    Displays the list of the sites have at least one DPS with the ESM data collector role.

    List of configured managers

    • Displays the name of the configured ESM manager.

    • Displays the user account that CCS 9.0 uses to communicate to the ESM manager for pulling data.

    • Displays the port number that the CCS 9.0 uses to communicate to the ESM managers.

    You can add, modify, or delete an existing ESM manager.

    See Adding, modifying, or removing an ESM manager.

    Manager for custom messages

    • Click a manager from the Manager name drop-down list.

    • Check Report error if custom messages manager is not available if you want to an error message to be displayed if the custom messages manager is not available.

    See Configuring an ESM manager for custom messages.

    Collection of suppressed messages

    Uncheck Do not collect suppressed messages if you want ESM data collector to collect suppressed messages.

    See Collecting suppressed ESM messages .

    Configure policy run options

    Click Configure policy run options to configure the policy run settings for the ESM data collector.

    See Configuring ESM policy run options .