Configuring the SQL data collector

The Control Compliance Suite can use Symantec RMS to retrieve data from your enterprise network. RMS passes the collected data to the Data Processing Service (DPS) Collector. The collector then returns the collected data to the Control Compliance Suite infrastructure for further processing. RMS uses the bv-Control for Microsoft SQL Server snap-in module to collect data from the SQL Server databases.

The Control Compliance Suite uses the SQL data collector to collect data from RMS. Before you use the SQL data collector on the DPS computer, you must configure this data collector. The SQL data collector must be associated with an Information Server.

To configure the SQL data collector, you open the Component Settings dialog box for the Data Processing Service computer. You can also reconfigure or make modifications to the SQL data collector through this dialog box.

See Modifying the settings of a component

You can configure the SQL Data Collector components either from the Grid View or from the Map View.

To configure the SQL data collector

  1. Go to Settings > System Topology.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • In the System Topology > Grid View, right-click Data Collection Service and click Edit Settings.

    • In the System Topology > Map View, right-click a registered DPS component and click Edit Settings.

  3. In the Components settings dialog box, click SQL - Information Server.

  4. On the SQL - Information Server panel, provide the following information:

    Machine Name

    Type the name of the computer on which the Information Server is installed.


    Type the domain to which the Information Server computer belongs.


    Type the RMS user name.


    Type the password for the RMS user.

    Confirm Password

    Type the password again for confirmation.