Viewing the health and the status information

The health information and status information lets users view the current state and configuration details of the infrastructure. The information can also be used to detect and diagnose issues

The following health and status information is available:

The following are the different health status icons that are displayed in the top left corner of the various infrastructure components in the Map view:

Green check circle

Indicates a healthy status.

Yellow warning triangle

Indicates that the component needs attention.

Red stop sign

Indicates that the component has failed the health status check.

Pink question mark

Indicates that system cannot get a status on the component.

To view health and status of a component

  1. Go to Settings > System Topology > Map view.

  2. In the Map view, pause the mouse over the component icon.

    You can view information of the selected component in the balloon window that appears.

  3. Click on the plus (+) icon in the status section to view complete health information.