About navigating in the Map view

The Map view provides the following features to adjust the layout and view of the components:

Zoom in and zoom out

You can use the zoom icons to zoom in or zoom out of the component layout.

Fit in Window

The Fit in Window feature redraws the map with a balanced spacing between all the components and zooms out so that the whole map is visible.


You can manually move a specific component or multiple components in the view area. To move a specific component, you click the component and drag and drop it to the new location. To move multiple components, you click in an empty area on the view. Hold down the left mouse key and drag the mouse until the frame is around the objects to be moved. All the component icons are highlighted inside the frame. You click on any of the highlighted icons and drag the icon to the new location.


If the layout of all the components is not well balanced, clicking Auto Layout redraws the map.


You can refresh the Map view to display any changes to the component configurations since the view was selected.

More Information

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