Assigning a role to a Data Processing Service

Each instance of the Data Processing Service (DPS) is assigned to one or more roles. A role controls what tasks the DPS performs.

You can assign a DPS to one or more of the following roles:

DPS Collectors list the enabled data collectors. Only enabled data collectors have configuration tabs available. If you make changes to the selected data collectors, you must close and reopen the dialog for the changes to take effect.

For information on how to choose which DPS computers to assign to which roles, see the Symantec Control Compliance Suite Planning and Deployment Guide.

To assign a role to a Data Processing Service

  1. Go to the System Topology > Grid View or System Topology > Map View.

  2. In the System Topology > Grid View or the System Topology > Map View, right-click the Data Processing Service component and click Edit Settings.

  3. In the Data Processing Service area of the Component Settings dialog box, click Basic.

  4. On the DPS - Basic panel, click the roles the DPS should be assigned to.

  5. Click OK.