Unregistering a Data Processing Service

If needed, you can unregister a Data Processing Service (DPS) instance. When you do so, you remove the DPS from the list of Data Processing Services that the Application Server contacts. Before you unregister a DPS, make sure that another DPS is assigned to take over the duties of the unregistered DPS.

To unregister a Data Processing Service

  1. In the System Topology > Map View or System Topology > Grid View, click Unregister DPS.

  2. In the Data Processing Service Selection panel, select one or more DPS hosts to unregister.

    Click Next.

  3. In the Summary panel, click I understand the above DPS and associated data collector configurations will be removed permanently and I understand this action is irrevocable, then click Next.

  4. In the Finish panel, click Finished.