Registering and configuring the Data Processing Service

After you install a Data Processing Service (DPS) instance, you must register it. Until you register it, the Application Server cannot contact the DPS. When you register the DPS, you import a copy of the certificate that is associated with the DPS and store it. You can also configure the DPS to fit your environment when you register the DPS.

Changes to the DPS Settings can help to optimize the performance of the Control Compliance Suite. Changes to the settings that you make in error can make it impossible to collect data from the data collectors on your network. Changes to the settings can also harm the performance of the Control Compliance Suite.

The settings lets you change how the DPS Collector interacts with the following:

For each DPS, you can configure the following:

You can also change the data collector settings for any DPS assigned to the DPS Collector role.

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