Searching for objects

You can perform a quick search or an advanced search to search for an object in the table pane. The search is performed on the contents of the selected folder in the tree pane. The type of objects you can look for depends on the current view. For example, if you are in the Standards view, you can search for standards, sections, checks, or all three.

When searching for assets in the Assets view, you can only search for the assets that are displayed in the table pane. You cannot search for the assets that are in the asset store.

See Asset folder hierarchy.

To perform a quick search

  1. In the table pane, in the Search text box, type a text string.

  2. To narrow the search to a certain type, select the type from the Search drop-down box.

  3. Click the Search icon.

To perform an advanced search

  1. In the table pane, click the Expand icon that is on the top-right of the table pane.

  2. In the Advanced Search pane, select the details and click Search.