About the table pane

The table pane lists all the objects for the selected folder in the tree pane.

The table pane appears in the right side of the console window under the taskbar . You can select the object that you want to work with from the table pane. After the object is selected, all associated tasks are enabled on the taskbar. You can also use the context menu to do the tasks. Right-click the object in the table menu and the context menu appears.

You can also select multiple objects to work with in the table pane. Select the check box next to the objects that you want to work with. Only the tasks that are associated with multiple selections are enabled.

When you edit multiple objects, the previous values of all the selected objects are replaced with the new values.

Use the Filter by pane and the other features of the console to manage and refine the results in the table pane.

See Managing the table pane.

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