Create or Edit the Baseline Job: Specify Asset Field Filters

The Specify Asset Field Filters panel presents the asset-specific fields for selection. You can select an asset- specific field and create a filter that can be used for the import of the baseline data. The common fields are not available for filter creation.

When a baseline job is created for assets that have asset specific fields and common asset fields, the result of baseline job gives the information for common assets fields for all assets and the asset specific fields for assets that satisfy the filter condition.


If you create a filter for the asset-specific field that is not included in the baseline job from the Select Fields panel, the job query ignores the filter.

The Specify Asset Field Filters panel lets you edit, delete, arrange, and configure the asset field filters. You can select a field that should be used as a filter for the selected asset type and create a filter statement. You can use the Add Statement option on the panel to create a new filter statement.

You can edit or delete the existing filter statement using the Edit option and the Delete option.

The asset field that you can select depends on the asset type that you selected.

You can use the AND and OR operators to specify the filter after adding the filter statements.

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