Create or Edit Baseline Job: Specify Notification Details

The Specify Notification Details panel lets you notify a user when the baseline job is complete or is failed.

You can select from the Success and the Failure tabs to specify the notification details.

The Specify Notification Details panel presents the following option:

Send notification

Lets you send a notification for the baseline job. You must select this check box to be able to enter the notification details.


Lets you specify the subject of the notification mail.

You can use the #JobName# token in the Subject of the notification.


Lets you create a message to send. You can use tokens in the message.

The following tokens can be used while creating message for a successful job:

  • #Status#

    The success or the failure status of the job.

  • #JobStart#

    The date and the time when the job starts.

  • #JobSummary#

    The summary of the job.

The following tokens can be used while creating the message for the job failure:

  • #FaultMessage#

Use Ctrl+ENTER to go to the next line when you type a notification message.

From (Email ID)

Lets you specify the sender's email ID.

Recipients (Email IDs)

Lets you specify the email ID of multiple recipients of the notification mail.

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