About the Reconciliation Rules view

The Reconciliation Rules view lets you manage the rules in the Control Compliance Suite.

You can access the Reconciliation Rules view from Manage > Assets > Reconciliation Rules.

Tree pane

This pane appears on the left side of the console window under the navigation bar.

This pane displays the reconciliation rules under the Reconciliation Rules node. Under the Reconciliation Rules node, you can view the predefined Rules.

Filter by pane

This pane appears in the lower left side of the console window under the tree pane.

You can use the following filters in the rules management view:

  • Asset Type

  • Rule Type


The taskbar appears across the top of the tree pane and the table pane in the console window.

See Performing the tasks in the Reconciliation Rules view.

Table pane

The table pane appears in the right side of the console window under the taskbar .

This pane displays the rule types and the rules.

Details pane

The details pane appears in the lower-right side of the console window under the table pane.

This pane displays the details of the rule that is selected in the tables pane.

The rules management view lets you perform the following tasks: