Extend Entity Schema: Select Entity Schema

The Select Entity Schema panel of the Extend Entity Schema wizard lets you select an existing entity and extend the fields of the already created entity.

The fields of the panel and their descriptions are as follows:


Select the platform, which you have already created to extend.

You can create a new platform for an entity using the Create new entity schema wizard.

See Create New Entity Schema: Select or Create New Platform.


Select the entity that is to be extended.

The panel lists the entities, which you have created earlier using the Create new entity schema wizard.

Display name

Enter the display name of the entity.

The display name of the entity appears in the reports that are generated after an asset evaluation.


Enter a description for the platform.

Folder path

Browse to the folder path where you want to create the schema (XML) file.

The extended entity schema creates a single file, EntitySchema. xml, which contains the list of newly added fields along with the old fields.

More Information

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