Create New Asset Type: Specify Asset Name Fields

The Specify Asset Name Fields panel lets you select the asset name fields from the list of available fields.

You can select only the primary andthe mandatory fields as the asset name fields.

Available Fields

Lets you select the fields from the list to add as the asset name fields.

Selected Fields

All the selected fields are listed in this column.

You can change the order of the selected fields by using the scroll icons. The order in which the fields are listed here decides the order of appearance of the fields that define the asset name. The names of the assets for a selected asset type appear in the Asset System view of the console.

Name Separator

Select the separator using which you want to separate the fields to define an asset name.

The separator is used to separate the fields that define the names of the assets for an asset type.

For example, for an asset type, OracleServer, the primary keys can be hostname, IPaddress, databasename and you have selected the separator, #. The values returned for the primary fields represent the name of an asset for the asset type. Let the returned values for the primary fields be testmachine,, and oracledDB1. The values that appear for the Name field in the Asset System view of the console for the asset type is as follows: testmachine#

No separator is used in case you select only one field as the name field.

See About separators in name fields.

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