CDFControl has the ability to configure the modules selected in the main window, for startup tracing. It leverages the Citrix Diagnostic Facility COM Server (CdfSvc.exe) service, which can automatically start a CDF trace upon system (or service) startup, if the modules are enabled via the registry. It makes configuring startup tracing alot easier, as manually enabling each module in the registry can be a time consuming task. Follow these steps to enable/disable startup tracing:

Next generation CDFControl

  1. Configure path to the CDF_PersistSession.etl, which will get created as a result of the startup tracing. This is done via the options menu
  2. Place a checkmark next to the desired Citrix trace modules on the main CDFControl window
  3. Click on Startup Tracing from the Tools menu
  4. Click on Enable
  1. Click on Startup Tracing from the Tools menu
  2. Click on Disable

See CTX107025 for information on manually configuring startup tracing this way, and also about changing the service load order to ensure that the component being traced, is captured correctly at startup.

CDFControl originally supported the ETW GlobalLogger trace session; however, since no current Citrix products utilize this, it was decided to instead leverage the CdfSvc.exe's capability to capture a startup trace.

For more information on the Global Logger Session, in addition to associated registry keys/values, see:
Global Logger Trace Session