When troubleshooting a critical server issue, such as a problem on the XenApp Farm's Zone Data Collector (ZDC), performance data is often extremely useful to help identify the problem. Performance data can also help identify an underlying system problem such as excessive Terminal Services Session Paged Pool usage.

CDFControl provides the ability to capture a performance data log in comma separated values format (CSV), along with the capture of a CDF trace. The peformance log capture begins when the CDF trace is started, and stopped when the CDF trace is stopped. The resulting file is stored in the same location as the CDF trace file.

Click on Collect Perf Data from the Tools menu in CDFControl, to bring up the performance data dialog

Next generation CDFControl

To enable performance data collection, which causes a performance data log to be generated along with each CDF trace captured:
  1. First select the desired performance counters to collect. Click on Browse Counters to browse for available performance counters on the system.
  2. Added counters will be displayed in the Selected counters list box (like in the screenshot above).
  3. To tell CDFControl to start collecting perf data with every CDF trace, ensure that Collect selected performance counter data with each trace is checked.
  4. Likewise, ensure it is unchecked to stop collecting perf data when capturing CDF traces.
With this enabled, each time a CDF trace capture is started, a performance log file (CSV format) will also get generated along with the CDF trace. Ensure that this is disabled if this is not desired.