To access the Event Filter dialog:
Click Tools --> Event Filter

Use this option to specify an event filter string, that can be used to easily find an event during parsing. For example, if you specify a string in the Event Filter and then choose to Parse Trace - the trace will stop parsing when the Event Filter criteria is met.

Next generation CDFControl

You can configure a program or script to run when the event filter criteria is met. Simply specify the path to the desired program or script (with necessary command line parameters), and it will be executed upon filter match.

This can be useful to obtain a userdump or trigger an automated BSOD upon a certain CDF trace event.
To enable event filtering:
  1. Check Enable event filtering
  2. Enter a filter string under Filter string:
  3. Enter the number of filter match occurrences that must happen before parsing stops, under
    stop parsing upon the following number of occurrences:
  4. If you would like to limit the number of events preceding the filtered event, check Show only [] events preceding last occurrence
  5. If you would like to execute a custom program or script, when the filter match occurs, then check Execute the following program or script when filter criteria met: and enter a command line to execute
  6. Click Save to save the settings.
The next trace viewed will have the filter applied. Clear the checkbox from step 1 to disable Event Filtering.