Find Computers by File Dialog Box

Finds CCM computers by searching an external comma, semicolon, colon, or tab-delimited text file.  

If the file you want to import is saved in a different format, the entire content of the file displays in the ID column. Click Settings to open the file in the correct format.


Column name



The unique identifier of the computer.

Display Name

Name that displays in the CCM Command Center Scope pane and Result pane.

Host Name

Same name as the Computer Name in the Control Panel Network properties dialog box.

HW Address

The hardware address (MAC address) of the computer’s NIC.

IP Address

The computer’s IP address on BOOTP.

Gateway Address

The computer’s gateway address on BOOTP.


Determines if this is a cooperative or consistent mode computer.

Network Type

Either Ethernet or Token Ring. Corresponds to the network card in the computer.

Respository Folder

Directory where information about this computer will be stored.






Imports the computer information into the Add Computers: Properties dialog box.


Cancels the import file process and closed the dialog box.


Opens the Help window describing this dialog box.


Removes the selected line of information from the display. The information that is removed is not imported.


Opens the File/Import Export dialog box where you set the file format for the file.



Select the checkbox to identify the first line of text in the file as the column headers.

Identification by Column

Select the computer data you want to search in the text file.  For example, select ID (default), and the computer IDs in the text file will be match to the computer IDs on the CCM server.