Account Settings Tab

Adds, modifies, or copies a CCM Administrator account. These settings apply to the following dialog boxes:

You must have the role of Server Administrator, or a role that allows you to manage administrators, to add or change an administrator account.

All administrators: You can change your password, but you cannot change any other properties of your own account.




Type a name for this administrator account.

If you are copying an account, change "<accountname> copy" to a new name.


Type a description to help you identify the account.


Select a CCM predefined role, or a role that was created by a Server Administrator.


Type a password, which appears as a series of Xs.  Passwords are case-sensitive.

To change the password, type the new password over the existing Xs.

Confirm Password

Retype the password.

If you are changing a password, retype the new password over the existing Xs.

Be sure to fill in the Manage Groups Tab before processing this dialog box.