Repartitioning Disks for a Single Computer

In some situations you may want to repartition a disk on a Consistent Mode computer.

To repartition a disk on a single computer:

  1. Expand the <All Computers> item.

  2. Right-click the computer you want to repartition.

  3. Click Configure Disks.

The Configure Disks: Computer dialog box, opens and displays the current disk configuration.

  1. Click on the disk which you want to repartition.

  2. Select Partition Disk from the Disk menu item.

The Partition Properties of Disk # dialog box opens, displaying the formatting information for the disk's partitions.

  1. Click Change to change the partition values.

The Partition Values dialog box opens.

  1. Change the Size Specification option and the Size and Type fields as desired.

  2. Click OK to confirm the values and close the Partition Values dialog box.

The Partition Properties dialog box displays the new partition and format information for the disk.

  1. Click OK.

You are now ready to install software on the newly partitioned disks.