Fdisk Partition and Format Computers

In some situations you may want to externally partition Consistent Mode computers using Fdisk and then format them with CCM.

NOTE: The intent of working with multiple computers is to achieve identical results across a large number of computers and to avoid the necessity of entering identical information many times. To take advantage of this functionality you should make sure that all the computers you select are Fdisk computers.

To Fdisk partition and format computers:

  1. Partition the computers using Fdisk.

  2. Add the computers to the CCM database.

On the Boot and Security properties page, in the Disk properties group box, select the Fdisk check box.

  1. In the Scope pane, click <All Computers> to display the computers in the Result pane.

  2. In the Result pane, select the computers you want to format.  Select Configure Disks.

  3. In the Configure Disks: Multiple Computers dialog box, right-click the Partition/Format # button, and select Add Format Job.

  4. In the Add Format Job dialog box, select the drive letter you want to format.

  5. Click OK.

The Configure Hardware: Multiple Computers dialog box displays the formatting information for the first partition of the hard drive for each computer.

  1. Reselect the Add Format Job menu item to format each of the known partitions on the Fdisk computers.

  2. After all the formatting jobs have been defined, click OK.