Computer Log Files

CCM tracks activity during the computer session and reports information in computer-specific log files.

To view computer log files:

  1. Expand <All Computers> in the Scope pane.

  2. Right-click a computer and choose Open Logs...  then  <type of log file>.

TIP:  You can have multiple log files open at the same time.

Types of log files are:

Log File


Error Log

Errors regarding the status of the CCM Windows Agent during package execution.

The Error Log has a maximum size of 10 KB. When the maximum size is reached, the oldest error messages are overwritten.

Message Log


The action steps of the ten most recently assigned hardware and software jobs.

The version of the CCM Windows Agent and Windows Agent Settings being used.

Windows Agent Service Log


RPC events between the computer CCM Windows Agent and the Windows Agent Support Service, including missing computer information, invalid configuration, and connection status.

The Windows Agent Service Log has a maximum size of 1 MB.

Pre-OS Service Log


Connections and Pre-OS Agent copying events between the computer and the Pre-OS Service.

Activity between the CCM Pre-OS service and the CCM Database service

The Pre-OS Service Log has a maximum size of 1 MB.

DB Service Log


Resides on the server. Reports detailed information about CCM Pre-OS, Desktop Agent Support service access, Wake on LAN, and notification (push) activity. Expands on messages or errors displayed in the CCM Command Center.

Command Center displays information from this log file that pertains to the computer you have selected.

For more information about the CCM Database Service Log File ccmdb.log, see the ON Command CCM Reference.

CCM generates many other detailed log files that provide an audit trail of actions performed by the installation, and by CCM services and agents,. See the CCM Log Files chapter of the ON Command CCM Reference for more information.