Mobile Computer Connections

You can administer mobile computers using either a LAN or RAS connection to the CCM Configuration Server. The type of connection determines which packages can be executed and where the computer can access package files.




The computer successfully executes only mobile computer enabled packages while it is connected through a RAS connection.

The computer can access the vendor files located on the computers own hard drive, CD, or floppy.


The CCM Windows Agent automatically detects the lack of a RAS connection and treats the computer as a standard LAN-connected computer.

The computer can use the CCM Package Depot on the CCM Configuration Server, an alternative Vendor File Depot, or the depot on a CD. The computer may receive both standard (NETWORK = TRUE) and mobile computer enabled packages (NETWORK = FALSE). The NETWORK value is defined in the package’s config.swp file.

Application, Action, and Configuration packages that adhere to the rules of mobile computer packages can be used when the computer is connected either over the LAN or remotely over RAS. Standard packages, including Pre-OS packages, can only be executed when the mobile computer is connected over the LAN.