Pausing and Continuing Windows Agent Actions

There may be occasions when you want to temporarily pause CCM Windows Agent actions; for example, if there is excessive network load creating a bottleneck. After a computer session has been paused, you can continue the session and the execution of the remaining jobs.

NOTE: You can only pause actions of the CCM Windows Agent. Actions of the CCM Pre-OS Agent cannot be paused.

Pausing Windows Agent Action

Depending on the Windows Agent action, the jobs are paused at different stages.

If the Windows Agent is...

The computer session is paused....

...preparing to execute the job, but has not started the script

...and the job is not executed.

...executing the script the completion of the current phase or at the next phase that does not include a reboot.

...executing the script and performing a reboot the completion of the next phase that does not include a reboot.

In the above stages, the computer remains in a wait state until the session is continued.  While in the wait state, the computer cannot be operated locally.

How to pause CCM Windows Agent actions...


Continuing CCM Windows Agent Actions

When you Continue the Windows Agent, the computer waits for the Waiting time specified in server properties (<Server Name> Properties dialog box) and then executes all jobs that remain in the queue.

How to continue CCM Windows Agent actions...