Taskpad Views

Taskpad views are pages to which you can add views of the CCM Command Center Result pane, as well as shortcuts to functions both inside and outside the Command Center.

When you install the CCM Command Center, icons listed in the following table are added automatically to the Result pane taskpad view pages. The bottom of the Result pane displays a tab for the taskpad, depending on the item you have clicked in the Scope pane.

Taskpad View


To display the tab  in the Result pane,

External Tools

  • CCM Password Management Utility

  • ON Command Discovery

In the Scope pane, click the Command Center item.

ON Command Remote

ON Command Remote

In the Scope pane, click All Computers item or a computer group item.

In order to connect to Centennial Discovery, you must have the program installed on the same machine as the Command Center, and set the path to the ON Command Discovery program.

For detailed information about editing and adding taskpad views, see the Microsoft Management Console online help.