Enterprise View

Enterprise View provides a list of all computers and computer groups across all connected CCM servers. This view enables you to view the computer name and the server name to which it belongs.  It also enables you to browse to computer groups for unique views of group information.

NOTE:  Computer groups with the same name are combined into one group in the Enterprise View.

To view all computers in Enterprise View:

  1. In the Scope pane, expand the <Enterprise View> item.

  2. Double-click the Computers item.

All of the computer groups on all the connected servers display in the Result pane.

The Group Description column lists the server names for where the computer group exists.

  1. In the Scope pane, expand the <All Computers> item to display all computers and their servers in the Scope pane.

 - or -

Expand a computer group name to display all computers on all groups with that name in the Scope pane.