Monitor CCM Activities

You can monitor the status of activities on managed computers.

To ensure maximum performance, clear any CCM Activities that you are no longer using.

The activity can also display in a new CCM Activities window. Choose this option in the CCM Command Center Properties dialog box, CCM Activities tab, by checking the Automatically open new window for new activity check box.

To monitor CCM Activities:

  1. In the main Command Center window's Scope pane, expand the CCM Activities item.

  2. Click the CCM Activities item to display additional details about the individual tasks.

The following columns display in the Result pane:



Task Identifier

A system-generated number identifying the task (001, 002, 003, etc.)

Task Type

One of the following types of task:

  • Integrating computers

  • Editing computer properties

  • Managing package jobs

  • Managing drive jobs

  • Moving computers

  • Deleting computers

  • Waking Up computers

  • Rebooting computers

  • Resetting computers

  • Unlocking computers

Task Status

One of the following statuses displays :

  • Waiting for user interaction (some computers) The task is processing and waiting for input in a dialog box on one or more computers.

  • Error on some computers The task did not complete successfully because an error occurred on one or more computers.

  • DONE The task processing completed successfully or was cancelled for all computers.

Time Initiated

The date and time the task was launched.

  1. Click an individual CCM activities to display the jobs that are running on the task's computers.

The following columns display in the Result pane:




The name of the computer on which the task is running.

Computer ID

The computer ID.

Server Name

The name of the server where the computer resides, or, when the Task Type is "Moving computers", the source server.


The status of the task on the computer.


Additional descriptive information about the status.