Manage CCM Activities in the Result Pane

When you right-click computer rows in the Result pane of an CCM activity, the following menu commands are available.

To select multiple computers, select the rows, then right-click a selected row.



Display Error

For a computer with a status of Error, opens a Notification dialog box that contains an error description and details.

NOTE: If you need to contact CCM Technical Support, please make a copy of both the Details and the Notification Details dialog boxes to have on hand when you speak to Technical Support staff.

Display Dialog

Displays a dialog box for a computer with a Status of Waiting for user input.

Display Add Computers Dialog

For the Integrating computers activity, displays the Add Computer(s): Properties dialog box for computers with a Status of Error.


This option is available for Managing package jobs CCM Activities that are in an error state or cancelled.

Directs CCM to make another attempt to execute processes that failed or were cancelled. Available on computer rows with a Status of Error, Locking failed, Checking drives failed, or Cancelled.

To attempt to fix, right click the row, and choose the selection according to the following indication in the  Status column:

  • Error: choose Display Error.

  • Locking Failed: choose Force Unlock.

  • Checking Drives Failed:choose Configure Drives to apply a hardware job to the computer.

  • Cancelled: choose Retry.

NOTE: Retry forces the computer to retry all of the processing form the beginning

Create Group

Creates a standard CCM computer group from selected computer rows in a CCM activity. Displays the New Computer Group dialog box.


Cancels processing for computer rows of a CCM activity. After you cancel, you can use Retry to make another attempt to execute the processes.


Clears computers rows from a CCM activity. If processing is not complete on one or more computers, the Confirm Deletion of CCM Activities dialog box opens.

WARNING: Computers that do not have a status of Done, Cancelled, or Error remain in their last state, which may, for example, be locked.

NOTE: You can set computer rows with a status of Done to be cleared automatically. See the CCM Command Center Properties dialog box CCM Activities tab