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The MOD_DIR_CONFIG command modifies the directory settings on iLO 3. For this command to parse correctly, the MOD_DIR_CONFIG command must appear within a DIR_INFO command block, and DIR_INFO MODE must be set to write. The user must have the configure iLO 3 privilege to execute this command.



<LOGIN USER_LOGIN="adminname" PASSWORD="password">

<DIR_INFO MODE="write">



<DIR_LOCAL_USER_ACCT value="Yes"/>

<!-- For schemaless Directory configuration, ensure that the following settings are modified as required so that user can logon with Email format and Netbios formats successfully:-->

<!-- 1. DIR_SERVER_ADDRESS value need to be set to directory server DNS Name or FQDN(Full qualified Domain Name)-->

<!-- Please check and update the following iLO Network Settings. -->

<!-- 1.The domain name of iLO should match the domain of the directory server. -->

<!-- 2.One of the primary, secondary or teritiary DNS server must have the same IP address as the Directory server. -->


<DIR_SERVER_PORT value="636"/>

<DIR_OBJECT_DN value="CN=server1_rib,OU=RIB, DC=mycompu,DC=com"/>

<DIR_OBJECT_PASSWORD value="password"/>

<DIR_USER_CONTEXT_1 value="CN=Users,DC=mycompu, DC=com"/>

<DIR_USER_CONTEXT_2 value="CN=Users2,DC=mycompu, DC=com"/>

<DIR_USER_CONTEXT_3 value="CN=Users3,DC=mycompu, DC=com"/>

<!-- Firmware support information for next 12 tags -->

<!-- iLO2 1.75 and later -->

<!-- iLO - None -->

<!-- Riloe II - None -->

<DIR_USER_CONTEXT_4 value="CN=Users4,DC=mycompu, DC=com"/>

<DIR_USER_CONTEXT_5 value="CN=Users5,DC=mycompu, DC=com"/>

<DIR_USER_CONTEXT_6 value="CN=Users6,DC=mycompu, DC=com"/>

<DIR_USER_CONTEXT_7 value="CN=Users7,DC=mycompu, DC=com"/>

<DIR_USER_CONTEXT_8 value="CN=Users8,DC=mycompu, DC=com"/>

<DIR_USER_CONTEXT_9 value="CN=Users9,DC=mycompu, DC=com"/>

<DIR_USER_CONTEXT_10 value="CN=Users10,DC=mycompu, DC=com"/>

<DIR_USER_CONTEXT_11 value="CN=Users11,DC=mycompu, DC=com"/>

<DIR_USER_CONTEXT_12 value="CN=Users12,DC=mycompu, DC=com"/>

<DIR_USER_CONTEXT_13 value="CN=Users13,DC=mycompu, DC=com"/>

<DIR_USER_CONTEXT_14 value="CN=Users14,DC=mycompu, DC=com"/>

<DIR_USER_CONTEXT_15 value="CN=Users15,DC=mycompu, DC=com"/>

<!-- Set the value to "NO" to enable the HP Extended Schema -->

<!-- and Value "YES" to enable Default Directory Login. -->

<!-- To set Group Accounts and privileges for Default Schema -->

<!-- run Mod_Schemaless_Directory.xml. -->

<DIR_ENABLE_GRP_ACCT value = "yes"/>





NOTE: When using directory integration with schema extension, the following tags must not be used:


NOTE: When using schema-free directories, the following tags must not be used: