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Importing SSH keys from PuTTY

The public key file format generated by PuTTY is not compatible with iLO 3. The following example illustrates, a PuTTY generated public key file:


Comment: "Administrator"






iLO 3 expects public key file information on a single line. You must use the PuTTY Key Generator (puttygen.exe) utility to import a correctly formatted SSH key for use with iLO 3.

To import SSH keys to iLO 3 from PuTTY:

  1. Double-click the PuTTY Key Generator icon to launch the utility.
  2. Select SSH-2 RSA, and then click Generate.

    On the key area, move the mouse around to generate the key. You must keep moving the mouse until the key generation process is complete.

    PuTTY Key Generator

  3. After the key is generated, replace the key comment with your iLO 3 user name. (The user name is case-sensitive.)
  4. Select all the text in the public key area. Copy the key and paste it into a Notepad session.
  5. Return to the PuTTY Key Generator utility.
  6. Click Save private key to save, and then enter a file name when prompted, for example, c:\bchan.ppk.
  7. Return to Notepad.
  8. Save the public key file. Click File>Save As, and then enter a file name when prompted, for example, c:\

    PuTTY key Notepad

  9. Log into iLO 3 (if not already open).
  10. On the iLO 3 SSH Key Administration page, click Browse, and then locate the public key file.
  11. Click Authorize Key. A new Authorized SSH key appears in the list.
  12. Launch PuTTY.
  13. Select SSH>Auth.
  14. Click Browse, and locate the private key file.
  15. Configure your iLO 3 IP, and then click Open. iLO 3 prompts for a user name.

    PuTTY Configuration

  16. Enter the logon name associated with the public key. The public key in iLO 3 authenticates with the private key in PuTTY. If the keys match, you are logged into iLO 3 without using a password.

    Keys can be created with a key passphrase. If a key passphrase was used to generate the public key, you are prompted for the key passphrase before you log into iLO 3.