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The following parameters are optional. If you do not specify a parameter, then the parameter value for the specified setting is preserved.

SESSION_TIMEOUT determines the maximum session timeout value in minutes. The accepted values are 0, 15, 30, 60, and 120. A value of 0 specifies infinite timeout.

ILO_FUNCT_ENABLED determines if the Lights-Out functionality is enabled or disabled for iLO 3. The possible values are Yes or No. This parameter is case insensitive.

F8_PROMPT_ENABLED determines if the F8 prompt for ROM-based configuration is displayed during POST. The possible values are "Yes" or "No."

F8_LOGIN_REQUIRED determines if login credentials are required to access the RBSU for iLO 3. The possible values are Yes or No.

REMOTE_CONSOLE_PORT_STATUS determines the behavior of remote console service. The possible values include:

REMOTE_CONSOLE_ENCRYPTION determines if remote console data encryption is enabled or disabled. The possible values are Yes and No.

REMOTE_CONSOLE_ACQUIRE determines if the remote console acquire operation is enabled or disabled. The possible values are Yes and No.

PASSTHROUGH_CONFIG determines the behavior of a Microsoft® Terminal Services client. The possible values are as follows:

HTTPS_PORT—Specifies the HTTPS (SSL) port number.

HTTP_PORT—specifies the HTTP port number.

REMOTE_CONSOLE_PORT—Specifies the port used for remote console.

TERMINAL_SERVICES_PORT—Specifies the port used for terminal services.

VIRTUAL_MEDIA_PORT—Specifies the port used for virtual media.

NOTE: If port changes are detected, the iLO 3 management processor will be rebooted to apply the changes after the script has completed successfully.

MIN_PASSWORD—Specifies how many characters are required in all user passwords. The value can be from zero to 39 characters.

AUTHENTICATION_FAILURE_LOGGING—Specifies logging criteria for failed authentications. The possible values include:

REMOTE_KEYBOARD_MODEL—Determines the remote keyboard language translation used during remote console operation. The possible values include:







French Canadian




Latin American




Swiss French

Swiss German



SSH_PORT—Specifies the port used for SSH connection on iLO 3. The processor must be reset if this value is changed.

SSH_STATUS—Determines if SSH is enabled. The valid values are Yes or No, which enable or disable SSH functionality.

SERIAL_CLI_STATUS—Specifies the status of the CLI. The possible values include:

SERIAL_CLI_SPEED—Specifies the CLI port speed. The possible values include:

ENFORCE_AES—Determines if iLO 3 enforces the use of AES/3DES encryption ciphers over the iLO 3 interface, SSH, and XML connections. The possible values are Yes and No.

VSP_SOFTWARE_FLOW_CONTROL—Specifies if the Virtual Serial Port automatically enables and disables software flow control. The possible values are Yes or No.