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SSH key authorization

SSH key-based authentication enables HP SIM to connect to LOM devices through SSH and be authenticated and authorized to perform administrative-level tasks. The CLP is utilized to perform tasks. HP SIM can perform these tasks on multiple LOM devices nearly simultaneously, at scheduled times. HP SIM provides a menu-driven interface to manage and configure multiple targets. Enhancements to HP SIM are provided by tool definition files.

HP SIM can perform actions on target devices utilizing an SSH interface that requires private key-based authentication. If HP SIM is enabled to integrate more fully with LOM devices, SSH key-based authentication is implemented in iLO 3.

An HP SIM instance will be established as a trusted SSH client by installing its public key in iLO 3. This is completed either manually through a Web-based GUI, or automatically with the mxagentconfig utility.

SSH keys do not need to be created to use SSH in interactive mode. To use SSH in interactive mode, see the "SSH overview" section.