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SET_VM_STATUS parameters

DEVICE specifies the Virtual Media device target. The possible values are FLOPPY or CDROM. If the DEVICE is not specified, FLOPPY is assumed. This value is case-sensitive.

VM_BOOT_OPTION specifies the boot option parameter for the Virtual Media. The possible values are BOOT_ALWAYS, BOOT_ONCE, or NO_BOOT. These values control how the Virtual Media device behaves during the boot phase of the server. Setting these values does not affect the current state of the Virtual Media device. These settings only take affect if the Virtual Media device is connected at server boot.

In addition to the VM_BOOT_OPTIONS, CONNECT and DISCONNECT are also possible values. The CONNECT and DISCONNECT settings can be used to control the Virtual Media devices in the same way that they are controlled in the Virtual Media applet. Whenever the CONNECT or DISCONNECT parameters are set, the Virtual Media device immediately connects or disconnects, respectively, to the server.

VM_WRITE_PROTECT sets the write protect flag value for the Virtual Floppy. This value is not significant for the Virtual Media CD-ROM. The possible values are Y or N.