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IPMI utility

The Linux ipmitool and MS Windows ipmiutil applications are typically used to test the IPMI interfaces on a server platform. The Linux ipmitool however, is used in environments where scripting is used as the base for platform monitoring.

The MS Windows ipmiutil has a dependency on the IPMI driver if using "in band" (or from a command prompt). The MS Windows IPMI driver is delivered in MS Windows Server 2008 R2. There may also be IPMI support available in later updates of MS Windows Server 2003.

The Linux ipmitool also requires the IPMI drivers (delivered in the distribution) to be enabled if utilized "in band". The IPMI device drivers are not typically enabled to automatically start when the Linux operating system is started. If logged onto a Linux console (command prompt) as the user "root", the command service ipmi start initiates the IPMI device drivers for Linux. Refer to the documentation provided by the specific Linux distribution for further details.

The IPMI tools support remote IPMI protocols to provide power on/off and remote platform monitoring capabilities. The iLO 3 supports the IPMI 2.0 RMCP+ protocol for the highest level of Authentication, Encryption and Integrity. The legacy IPMI 1.5 "IPMI over LAN" protocol is not supported.