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Overview of the RIBCL

RIBCL enables you to write XML scripts to configure and manage iLO 3 configuration settings, user accounts, directory settings, server settings, and HP SIM SSO settings. You can download sample scripts for all iLO 3 commands described in this section from the HP website. Before using the XML sample scripts downloaded from the HP website, read the firmware support information in each sample script to tailor the script for the intended firmware and version.

When writing your XML scripts, do write comments in the command. If a comment falls in the command line, an error message is generated. Unless otherwise specified, examples in this guide are specifically for iLO 3 firmware version 1.10 and later.

The "RIBCL XML Scripting Language" section describes the XML commands and their parameters common to most LOM products and servers. For more information about the ProLiant BL c-Class server and rack XML commands, see the HP Integrated Lights-Out 3 User Guide.