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The Lights-Out Configuration Utility (CPQLOCFG.EXE) is a Microsoft® Windows®-based utility that connects to the iLO 3 using a secure connection over the network. RIBCL scripts are passed to the iLO 3 over the secure connection to CPQLOCFG. This utility requires a valid user ID and password with the appropriate privileges. The CPQLOCFG utility can be launched from HP SIM for Group Administration or used independently from a command prompt for batch processing. This utility can be downloaded from the HP website.

Version 3.0 or later of CPQLOCFG.EXE is required to support all features of iLO 3 1.00 and later.

HP SIM discovers iLO 3 devices as management processors. The Lights-Out Configuration Utility sends a RIBCL file to a group of iLO 3s to manage the user accounts for those iLO 3 devices. The iLO 3 devices then perform the action designated by the RIBCL file and send a response to the log file.

The Lights-Out Configuration Utility is used to execute RIBCL scripts on the iLO 3 and must reside on the same server as HP SIM. The Lights-Out Configuration Utility generates two types of error messages: runtime and syntax.

For a complete listing of errors, see RIBCL XML Scripting Language.