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Scripting and command line guide overview

HP iLO 3 provides multiple ways to configure, update, and operate HP ProLiant servers remotely. The HP Integrated Lights-Out 3 User Guide describes each feature and explains how to use these features with the browser-based interface and RBSU.

The HP Integrated Lights-Out Management Processor Scripting and Command Line Resource Guide describes the syntax and tools available to use iLO 3 through a command line or scripted interface.

Sample XML scripts downloaded from the HP website contain commands for all iLO, iLO 2, and iLO 3, and RILOE II firmware. Unless otherwise specified, examples in this guide are specifically for iLO 3 firmware version 1.00 and later. Before using the XML sample scripts downloaded from the HP website, read the firmware support information in each sample script to tailor the script for the intended firmware and version.

In addition to the graphical user interface, HP iLO 3 provides multiple ways to configure and control iLO 3 and the server using scripts, or command line instructions.

The scripting tools provide a method to mass configure multiple iLO 3 systems, to incorporate a standard configuration into the deployment process, and to control servers and iLO 3 subsystems programmatically. Using the scripting tools, you can change the Administrator password on all your iLO 3 systems, configure LDAP directory service settings, control the server's power state, attach a virtual media CD-ROM/DVD to the host server, update the iLO 3 firmware, retrieve power consumption data, and many other configuration and control commands. Over 75 sample scripts are available on the following HP web site

The command line tools provide quick and easy methods to send commands to iLO 3 and host servers.