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The HOTKEY_CONFIG command configures the remote console hot key settings in iLO 3. For this command to parse correctly, the command must appear within a RIB_INFO command block, and RIB_INFO MODE must be set to write. The user must have the configure iLO 3 privilege to execute this command.

Uppercase letters are not supported, and are converted automatically to lowercase. If you use double or single quotes, it must be different from the delimiter. Specifying a blank string removes the current value.

For a complete list of supported hotkeys, see "Supported Hot Keys."



<LOGIN USER_LOGIN="adminname" PASSWORD="password">

<RIB_INFO MODE="write">


<CTRL_T value="CTRL,ALT,ESC"/>

<CTRL_U value="L_SHIFT,F10,F12"/>

<CTRL_V value=""/>

<CTRL_W value=""/>

<CTRL_X value=""/>

<CTRL_Y value=""/>