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Supported firmware

The Firmware Maintenance CD provides the means to update the following firmware.

Firmware type

Supported by HP Firmware Maintenance CD

System ROM


iLO 2 firmware

Yes, local and remote

Broadcom NIC firmware


Intel NIC firmware


NetXen NIC firmware


Power PIC firmware

Yes, beginning with Firmware Maintenance CD 8.60

Smart Array controller firmware


SAS and SATA hard drive firmware behind Smart Array controllers


SAS and SATA hard drive firmware behind non-Smart Array controllers


Emulex, QLogic, and Brocade Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter firmware

Yes, offline only

Tape blade firmware


Onboard Administrator firmware

Yes, online only

Virtual Connect firmware*

Yes, online only and components must be downloaded from the web and added to the CD

HP StorageWorks 600 Modular Disk System (MDS600 )**

Yes, offline only

HP 3Gb SAS BL Switch firmware***


*Virtual Connect firmware components are not shipped with the HP Firmware Maintenance CD because of their size (approximately 50 MB per component). However, if the Virtual Connect firmware components are downloaded from the HP website, they can be added to the Firmware Maintenance CD by creating a USB key using the USB Key Utility. The latest version can be obtained from the HP BladeSystem Firmware Maintenance website.

**MDS600 firmware update requires HP Smart Update Manager 3.6.0 or later. All blades in an enclosure with Smart Array P700M controllers, except the blade doing the update, must be turned off before the firmware update process is initiated. MDS600 firmware can only be updated using the Firmware Maintenance CD in offline mode.

***The HP 3Gb SAS BL Switch firmware can only be updated by uploading a bin file through the Virtual Storage Manager (VSM) product. This firmware is currently delivered as a binary image file on the HP website and must be downloaded and manually upgraded.

Because firmware might be able to update only in online or offline mode for some components, you might need to execute the HP Firmware Maintenance CD both online and offline to update all the firmware in an enclosure.