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Using the Online Edition from a command line

To list the command line options, enter the following commands:

cd opt\hp\hpdiags

hpdiags -?

The optional command line parameters are listed in the following table.




Language Code options:

  • en (for English, the default language)
  • de (for German)
  • es (for Spanish)
  • fr (for French)
  • it (for Italian)
  • ja (for Japanese)

-v <Level>

Verbosity of output where Level is an integer between 1 and 5. Level 1 is the most filtered and Level 5 is the most verbose. The default is Level 3.

-s "mmhhddMMDD"

Schedule automatic execution. mm=minute (0-59), hh=hour (0-23), dd=day (1-31), MM=month (1-12), DD=day of week (0-6). All fields must be two digits (02 instead of 2).

Use a single asterisk (*) for any value. If you use an asterisk, you must quote the date/time value (-s "0023***"). If no asterisk is used, the quotes are optional.

This command adds an entry to your crontab, for Linux-based systems, or the Windows Scheduled Tasks list, for Windows-based systems. For more Information on crontab, enter man crontab at a Linux command prompt.


Unschedule of HP Insight Diagnostics running.

This command removes all entries that refer to HP Insight Diagnostics in your crontab. For a Windows system, this command removes the entries in the Windows Scheduled Tasks list.

-c <File1> <File2>

Compare a file to the current output, or if two files are specified, compare the files without generating a new report.


Run a new Survey snapshot and output to the terminal.

This option is ignored if -o is not specified.


Survey captures and comparisons can be to a file as plain text. The default is XML format.

-o <File1>

Run a new survey snapshot and output to a file. The default is formed using the current date in this format: surveyCCYY-MM-DD-HH-mm-ss.xml (CC=century, YY=year, MM=month, DD=day, HH=hour, mm=minute, and ss=second).

-t and -o cannot be used together.


Overwrite the output file if it already exists.

If the -o parameter is not specified this option is ignored.


Append the output to an existing output file.

If no -o option is specified, this option is ignored. To avoid XML parsing errors, use this option with the plain text (-p).


Run a diagnosis of all diagnosable devices. The test results are posted to the Diagnosis Log (diagnosislog.xml).

-? , -h

Display help.