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HP Insight Diagnostics is a proactive server management tool, available in both Online and Offline editions. Insight Diagnostics provides diagnostics and troubleshooting capabilities to assist IT administrators who verify server installations, troubleshoot problems, and perform repair validation.

HP Insight Diagnostics Online Edition is a web-based application that captures hardware and operating system configuration information, records critical information for documentation and disaster recovery, and compares historical configurations on the same server or a baseline server. Available in Microsoft® Windows® and Linux versions, Insight Diagnostics helps to ensure proper system operation. Online diagnosis of hard drives and power supplies can be assessed for potential issues under the following conditions:

HP Insight Diagnostics Offline Edition captures system configuration information and provides detailed diagnostic testing capabilities. The Offline Edition provides a comprehensive suite of offline system and component tests, providing in-depth testing of critical hardware components for devices such as processors, memory, and hard drives. During offline testing, the user-installed OS is not running; therefore, software information from the system is not reported. Insight Diagnostics Offline Edition runs when the computer is started from one of the following CDs: