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Viewing the installation results

When the installation is complete, the Installation Results screen appears.

Installation Results

The Installation Results screen is divided into the following columns:

The following icons may appear in the Status column.




Normal status


The component was installed successfully.

Normal status

Same/older version successfully installed

The existing component was successfully downgraded or reflashed to the same or older version.

Critical status

Update returned an error

An update error has occurred. See the HP Smart Update Manager log file for details.

Critical status

Installation failed

The component was not installed. To see additional details, click View Installation Log.

The Installation Results screen also includes the following buttons:

There are installation logs named hpsum_log.txt and hpsum_detail_log.txt, which contain information about the installation activity for each host being updated. The hpsum_log.txt log contains a brief summary of the installation activity. The hpsum_detail_log.txt log contains all of the installation details, including errors, for each component installed.

The log files can be found in the following locations:

There is a new file that contains detailed information on the execution of HP Smart Update Manager.