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Reinstalling the operating system

If the server operating system becomes corrupt, reinstall it using the SmartStart CD, the HP Management CD, and the HP branded version of the Microsoft® Windows® operating system CD.

To reinstall the operating system, boot the server from the SmartStart CD and follow the on-screen installation path instructions.

CAUTION: Booting from the SmartStart CD permanently erases any disk partitions and data currently on the disk drive.

For information about using SmartStart, see the documentation included in the ProLiant Essentials Foundation Pack provided with the server.

The operating system can also be reinstalled by booting the server from the HP branded version of the Microsoft® Windows® operating system CD. During the installation process, you might be prompted to press the F6 key to supply the appropriate storage driver. If so, the storage driver can be obtained from the SmartStart CD or from the HP website.