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Troubleshooting installation of the PSP for Microsoft Windows

You might encounter the following issues with the Microsoft® Windows® PSPs. The issues are in bold, and the resolutions follow.

For Linux:



Port 22

This port is establishes a connection to the remote Linux server using SSH.

Ports 60000-60007

Random ports are used in this range to pass messages back and forth between the local and remote systems using SSL. These ports are used on the system running HP Smart Update Manager to send data to the target server.

Several internal processes within HP Smart Update Manager automatically use the port from 60000 when no other application uses it. If there is a port conflict, the manager uses the next available one. There is no guarantee that the upper limit is 60007 as it is dependent on how many target devices are selected for installation.

Ports 61000-61007

These ports are used from the target server back to the system running HP Smart Update Manager. The same mechanism is used by the remote access code as the 60000 ports, with the first trial port as 61000. There is no guarantee that the upper limit is 61007 when a conflict occurs. For the case of IPv4-only and one NIC, the lowest available one is used by HP Smart Update Manager to pass information between processes on the local workstation where HP Smart Update Manager is executed, and the next available one is used to receive messages from remote servers.

Port 62286

This port is the default for some internal communications. It is used for listening on the remote side if there is no conflict. If a conflict occurs, the next available one is used.

Ports 80 or 63000-63005

The logs are passed to the target and the logs are retrieved using an internal secure web server that uses port 80 if it is available or a random port between 63000 and 63005, if it is not. This support allows updates of the iLO firmware without the need to access the host server and allows servers running VMware or other virtualization platforms to update their iLO without the need to reboot their server or migrate their virtual machines to other servers.