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LDU for ProLiant

HP has developed the LDU to provide an easy and efficient method to upgrade and manage system software. The utility enables you to deploy and maintain PSP software on local servers through use of the terminal window and on remote servers through use of the ssh utility.

The LDU is available with PSPs for Linux at the software and drivers website.

IMPORTANT: Root access is required for the LDU. If you do not have root access, the installation will not proceed.

The utility has two modes of operation:

When the graphical mode of the LDU is launched, the main window appears. The window provides details about the contents of the PSP for the installed version of Linux.

LDU main window

After deploying the PSP on the target server, the LDU displays comprehensive installation results listing the components that were successfully installed, components that were not needed for the target system, and any installation failures.

The LDU retrieves all installation activity (including errors) and writes this information to a common installation log file on the server called hppldu.log, which is located by default in the /var/log subdirectory. Information regarding subsequent installation activity is appended to the same log file, providing a history of all component installation activity on the target server. The following figure shows a sample installation log file.

LDU installation log