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Command line syntax for Linux PSPs

This section explains the command line parameters in the usage scenarios. Parameters are case sensitive and must be preceded with a dash (-) or double-dash (--). If several parameters are listed for a description, then any of them can be used. For example, -h, -?, and --help are equivalent. The parameters can be listed in any order.

./install???.sh [-h | -? | --help] [--nui] [-s | --silent] [-r | --reboot] [-f | --force] [--inputfile filename] [-t reboot_timeout_in_minutes] [-m "reboot_message"] [-v | --verbose] [--view rpmname] [-y] [-q | --querystatuscode returncode]

Command line argument


-h, -?, --help

This argument displays a list of command line parameters.


This argument suppresses the user interface. However, during installation, output is shown in the terminal window unless the silent option is also used.

-s, --silent

This argument enables a silent installation. All messages are logged to the /var/log/hppldu.log file, unless overridden. No console output or GUI is shown except for the final return code.

-r, --reboot

This argument reboots the system if any components installed require it and no failures occurred during the installation.

-f, --force

This argument attempts to force the installation of all components. This option bypasses the following installation checks:

  • Minimum kernel version check
  • Maximum kernel version check
  • Installed library file requirements
  • Installed software version check

    The force option does not force a component to install if prerequisites such as required modules, files, source code, PCI device support, and build environment are not available.

--inputfile filename

This argument enables you to pass input parameters to the LDU to enable scripted deployments of the PSPs. The file name can be any valid Linux text file name. To find the format of filename, see the section on scripted installation in the "Advanced installation of PSPs in Linux" section of this document.

-t reboot_timeout_in_minutes

This argument enables you to delay a reboot by the specified number of minutes to enable users to save their data and log out from the server. If the --reboot parameter is not included, this parameter is ignored.

-m "reboot_message"

This argument enables you to send a message to all users currently logged in before rebooting the server. The message must be in double quotes to be sent properly. If the --reboot parameter is not included, this parameter is ignored.

-v, --verbose

This argument enables you to see more information than is normally displayed during an installation.

--view name.rpm.tar.gz, name.rpm

This argument enables you to view the details associated with a given component RPM in the terminal window. The name provided must be in the format of componentname.rpm or componentname.rpm.tar.gz.


This argument enables you to step through the terminal window installation of a PSP. For each component, you are prompted to choose if the component is installed, or to exit out of the LDU. The -y switch forces the --nui switch option.

-q returncode,

--querystatuscode returncode

This argument displays the text associated with any LDU return code. When this argument is used, no installation is performed.