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Component preconfiguration

Some of the Smart Components included as part of a PSP must be configured before being deployed. If any components require configuration, the All Configurable Components folder in the repository view tree appears in bold text.

IMPORTANT: The configuration information is stored inside each Smart Component so it is available when the component is installed. You do not need to configure components each time they are deployed. However, configuration is independent of the target computer you select. If you change the configuration of a component after deployment, you must redeploy the component.

Icons next to each component in the repository view tree indicate whether the component must be configured. Refer to "Repository view tree" for descriptions of each of the icons. Configurable components include, but are not limited to:

In PSP 7.10 and earlier, the Web-based management portion of the Insight Management Agents and other utilities requires that a user ID, password, and trust level be configured in the Smart Component before installation if this is the first time the agents are being installed. If the agents are being updated and are already configured on the target system, the new agent component does not need to be configured before being deployed.

In PSP 7.20 and later, component preconfiguration is optional, but you should check configurable components to determine whether preconfiguration is necessary for installed software to operate as desired, especially when deploying to a system that has not had HP software installed on it before. The System Management Homepage uses operating system-based authentication and accepts logins from local administrative accounts by default. You can add operating system user groups to the access list of the System Management Homepage through preconfiguration or by browsing to each individual system. However, the default installation does not establish a trust mode for Systems Insight Manager, so if you require this feature, it must be preconfigured.

For more information, refer to the HP Systems Insight Manager Installation and User Guide on the HP Systems Insight Manager website.

To configure a Smart Component:

  1. Select a component in the repository view tree.

    All Configurable Components

  2. Select Repository>Configure from the menu bar, or right-click the component and select Configure. The configuration information screen for the selected component appears.

    Item Configuration

  3. From the component configuration screen, set the configuration features that you want and click Save. To return to the component list without saving, click Cancel.
  4. After the configuration is saved, the main window appears again. If the configuration operation is not successful, an error message appears.