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Component configuration

Some components might have required or optional configuration settings. Configuration parameters can include information necessary to set up the component correctly or passwords required for software installed by the component.

There are three methods for configuring a component:

The configuration data used during each installation of the Linux PSP can be saved to the default /var/hp/hppldu.cfg file or to any valid Linux file name. This enables you to install one server and then use the resulting configuration file to script the installation of other servers in your network. To use the saved configuration data, use the hppldu.cfg file as an input file to the install shell:

./install???.sh --inputfile hppldu.cfg

If any parameters are not recognized, the LDU returns an error and terminates to enable the user to resolve the configuration error before continuing.

Starting with the Linux PSP 7.20, the configuration files are saved in an encrypted format. The LDU recognizes and uses both encrypted and unencrypted files for configuration data.