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Scenario 1: Command line deployment using CPQDPLOY.NLM

Command line installation using CPQDPLOY.NLM is achieved by passing as arguments either a Support Pack file name or component file name to install along with either the -s or -nui switches. A Support Pack file name has the format BP00XXXX.XML. If the XML file is not in the start directory, CPQDPLOY.NLM prompts you for a path to a valid Support Pack XML file, attempts to use a Support Pack file if only one exists in the start directory, or provides a list of supported Support Packs if more than one is found in the start directory.

IMPORTANT: If the -s or -nui switches are used and a valid Support Pack XML file is not found or more than one valid Support Pack XML file is found, the installation will fail.

A component file name has the format CP0XXXXX.NLM. CPQDPLOY.NLM can install one Support Pack or multiple components at a time. A Support Pack is an HP tested collection of component packages that includes device drivers, utilities, and agents. Regardless of the command line option passed, information about the success or failure of the installation is logged in the SYS:\ETC\CPQLOG.LOG file.