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Found New Hardware Wizard

The Found New Hardware Wizard might appear during the operating system installation. If this wizard appears, click Cancel.

IMPORTANT: Do not attempt to install the drivers during the operating system installation because the server might automatically reboot before the driver installation has been completed. This action could result in the incorrect installation of a device.

To install drivers after the operating system installation:

  1. Click Start>Administrative Tools>Computer Management.
  2. From the left column, select Device Manager.
  3. Right click the component displaying the yellow mark, and then select Update Driver Software.
  4. Click Browse my computer for Driver option.
  5. Enter the following path in the textbox:


  6. Click Next.
  7. At the Driver Files Search Results screen, click Next.
  8. To complete the Found New Hardware Wizard, click Close.

The setup process begins. Wait for the entire setup process to complete, including any requested restarts, before interrupting this process or powering down the server. After the setup process completes, you can configure the server.

IMPORTANT: The system might complete the driver installation after the first login. Do not perform any actions on the Initial Configuration Task screen. If additional drivers are loaded, the system completes the driver installation and automatically reboots. The next time the system presents a login prompt, log in and use the new operating system.